Writing Resources


Where applicable some links will be duplicated so that each section is as complete as it can be; if you know of any resources that you feel should be included here please let me know in the comments section!

Employment Skills and Lifestyle

9 Online Gold Mines for Freelance Work

6 Tips to make Writing a Lifestyle

15 Proofreading Tips

20 Ways to Find Freelance Writer Jobs as a Beginner

Guide to Editing and Proofreading

How to get a Writing Job

How to Improve your Writing Style in 10 Minutes

How I wrote 100,000 words in five days, and why you shouldn’t.

How to Proofread

Learning to Practice Self-Care as a Writer

Lose weight, feel good, and up your writing game in the new year.

Level up your Copy Writing.

Proofreading for Dummies (also in TECHNIQUE)

SEO Copywriting

Self-Care Makes Better Writers

Writing Basics (also in STYLE, and TECHNIQUE)

Write What you Know; Bringing Personal Experience into Writing (also in IDEA GENERATION)


Research, and Researching Different Cultures, and LGBTQA communities

4 Pitfalls to Avoid when Writing Trans Characters

Avoiding Offensive Stereotypes in your Work

Avoiding LGBTQ Stereotypes in in YA Fiction part 1

Beyond the Closet: Writing Gay Characters

Dear Non-Asian Writer

European Cultural Values

How to Research a Novel

How to Research your Novel, and when to Stop

How to Write about Africa

“How do we feel about White authors writing Black stories?”

How to write Protagonists of Color when you’re White.

Researching Your Diverse Fantasy or Sci-Fi Novel

Stereotype and Trope Navigation

Stereotyped Vs Nuanced Characters

Voice Appropriation and Writing About Other Cultures

Why one Gay Character isn’t enough.

Writing Better Trans Characters

Writing Trans Characters

Writing People of Color (also found in CHARACTERS)

Writing With Color Featured Description Post (also in CHARACTERS)

Writing about Different Cultures

WritingWithColor Tumblr Page (a great resource in general – many posts here are theirs, or found on this blog).

Writing the LGBT Community


Style and Point of View

6 Tips to Choosing the right Point of View

8 Wacky Writing Styles to Entertain Your Readers

‘The Road to Hell is Paved with Adverbs?’

How to Develop your Writing Style

How to Improve your Writing Style in 10 Minutes (also in EMPLOYMENT SKILLS)

First, Second, and Third Person

First Person Writing (also in TECHNIQUE)

One Quick Tip for Effective First Person Writing

Point of View in Writing

Writing Basics (also in TECHNIQUE, and LIFESTYLE)




10 Easy Ways to Improve your Dialogue

5 Secret Tips to Writing a Successful Short Story

10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Writing


Effective Writing

First Person Writing (also is STYLE)

Finishing your First Draft

How to Essay: a guide for new and returning students

How to Format a Screenplay (also in STRUCTURE)

How Not to Write a Novel

How to Plot a Novel (also in PLOT)

How to Write a Screenplay

Proofreading for Dummies (also in EMPLOYMENT SKILLS)

Rewriting your Novel

The Basics of Writing for Children

The Snowflake Method

Writing Basics (also in STYLE, and LIFESTYLE)


Idea generation and Development

5 Key steps to Develop a Story from Scratch

10 Steps to a Winning Plot

5 Ways to Develop Killer Novel Ideas

An Easy Tip for Developing Story Ideas

Developing Ideas for Short Fiction

How to Come up with Story Ideas

How to Develop any Idea into a Great Story

How to Develop Story Ideas on Social Issues

How to Find and Capture Ideas for your Novel

How to Gather Ideas, Turn Them into a Novel, – & Finish it.

How to Turn an Idea into a Story

Ideas for Writing a Book

The Best Ways to Find Good Ideas for a Good Story

Write What you Know; Bringing Personal Experience into Writing (also in EMPLOYMENT SKILLS)


Plot and Structure

4 Story Structures that Dominate Novels

7 Unreliable narrators to twist your next plot (also in CHARACTERS)

How to Format a Screenplay

How to Plot a Novel (also in TECHNIQUE)

How to Write a Good Plot Twist

Non-linear narratives and stories

Parallel Plot Structure

Plot Structures; Linear, Non-Linear, and Parallel



7 Deadly Sins of World-Building

An Impatient Writers Approach to World-Building

How to Create a Believable World for Your Characters

How to Invent a Language

Fantasy World-Building Questions

Make History, and Thereby a World

Making your world come alive

More World-Building Resources

The Language Construction Kit


Character building and Characterisation

2 Under-loved Character Attributes

7 Unreliable narrators to twist your next plot (also in PLOT)

Getting to Know Your Characters

How Not to Describe your Characters

How to Craft Compelling Characters

Minor Character Development

Physical Capabilities of your Characters

Vocabularies for Character Descriptions

Writing People of Color (also found in RESEARCH)

Writing With Color Featured Description Post (also in RESEARCH)







Image source http://www.uwec.edu/CIE/divisions/chinese/China-Resources.htm

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