Content Writing

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Businesses of all sizes benefit from copy writing services in today’s content hungry world. Content, as they say, is king and it can be a lot of pressure, especially for small business owners, to keep their websites, flyers, and even newsletters fresh when they have so much more to worry about. The benefits of having a content writer on your team, even on an irregular basis are pretty obvious;

  1. You can be assured of high-quality, unique content for your blog or website without having to spend time creating it.
  2. You get an unbiased, removed point of view on your target market and business which can help you to reach your audience more effectively.
  3. The content provided will be professionally presented and meticulously proofread (errors can be a killer, and are more common on official websites that you might imagine).
  4. Good, continually updated content is a long term investment which can drive more traffic to your website than a static website. Poorly written or non-relevant content can actually damage your search engine ratings and reputation.

As a freelance content writer I pride myself on quick, professional, and affordable work on both long-term and stand-alone projects. If you wish to hire me you can find my contact information and some feedback from previous clients at my peopleperhour profile.

Alternatively you can contact me at, and see customer testimonials below;

“Sheree did an incredible job, despite the topic being outside her expertise. I was thrilled with what she produced – a consummate professional, and excellent writer and a lovely person to boot! Thanks Sheree – we will definitely be looking to work together again!” – Charis, Fleet GB.

“Sheree delivers. A wonderful columnist who gained the attention of my existing readers and new ones and she understood the briefs. Very efficient worker and I would have Sheree on board again. Its my pleasure to highly recommend Sheree.” – Tilly, London, GB.