Readers Don’t Want Profound

They want honest and genuine and interesting; too many aspiring writers hold back and clip their creative wings out of a desire to be profound, meaningful, and intelligent. Here’s the dirty little secret that few people will let you in on; its not often that anyone who means to write Literature gets anywhere. Readers can smell a try-hard like a shark smells blood in the water.

If you want to reach your readers you need to being doing these five things;

  1. Write what excites you; if your subject doesn’t grab you by the short and curlies why should anyone else be overly interested. You may not want to read your own book after dozens of re-writes and editing sessions, but you should be passionate about it whilst you’re writing. Passion carries over, passion grabs peoples attention, and most importantly passion stimulates creativity.
  2. Don’t go with your gut; when it comes to idea formulation you should rethink and question yourself again and again and again. Our first instincts may be powerful, but they often result in formulaic, clichéd, or well-worn plot structures.
  3. Be authentic; say what you mean in simple terms. Purple prose has its place, but avoid it where you can. If you’re using a word for the sake of it ask yourself if there’s a simpler word that would work just as well. Long, convoluted words will alienate many readers; don’t thumb your nose at them.
  4. Leave the Sledgehammer at home; we all have messages we want to get across, things we think people need to hear, but if you have to hammer the point home you’re writing at a sub-par level. Trust in the intelligence of your readers, and trust in your writing skills; your job is not to hammer your point of view into their skull, but to weave an elegant argument by displaying the message in the form of an effective and interesting story.
  5. You’re never too good for criticism; you don’t have to take every suggestion on board, but you should always be open to hearing constructive criticism. Be open, be interested, and be critical; defensiveness, pride, and arrogance are pitfalls to avoid no matter your career path or passion.


Keep writing, Mini-Merries – you can do this!#


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