Why I love Amazon Music Unlimited as a writer.

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I’ve been writing almost every day since I was fifteen years old, and sporadically before then, and I learned quickly that music helps me write more productively. This is no secret; there are plenty of studies, articles, and blog posts which state that music helps concentration and gets creative juices flowing (a selection of which you will find in the resource section below).

From the earliest of days when everyone was getting bombarded with Trojan viruses thanks to LimeWire (don’t even try it guys, it’s NOT worth it), to the irritatingly advert filled depths of YouTube I’ve always sought music whilst writing. I tried Spotify, but I’ll admit it confuses the shit out of me, and that’s why I’ve decided to stick with Amazon Music Unlimited after beginning my trial when it launched this month.

First and foremost, for all of you writers out there who’re skint (broke) they’re doing a 30-day free trail right now, so you don’t have to spend anything to see if you agree with me (Plus even if you don’t, it’s a months worth of all the music you could want for free… like a buffet for the ears). Nonetheless, I’ll make my case;


Why I love Amazon Music Unlimited

  1. It’s accessible; now that it’s here in the UK you can get Amazon Music Unlimited on your Android and IOS devices as well as your PC and Laptop (there’s a handy app for your phone, which I’m pretty keen on while on long journeys and commutes). It can also be accessed through an Amazon Fire Tablet or TV, Sonos Multi-Room system, or Roku Media streamer. I hear some cars are compatible, too, (supposedly some BMW’s and Mini’s), but I can’t say for sure on that front. Like Spotify you can use offline playback, but my technology mad Uncle reckons the best thing about it is being able to use it through Alexa…(for techno-phobes like me, that’s like Siri, but Amazons version… who knew, right?)
  2. You get little extras;  something I find hugely interesting, but it could be just me, is the side-by-side function whereby you get access to creators commentaries made exclusively for Music Unlimited. I guess this is like the music equivalent of authors commenting on their plot, inspiration, and characters etc, so I find it pretty cool.
  3. It’s smarter than me; I would say you, but I don’t know you. Anyway, I’m one of those people who knows what kind of music they need, but can never seem to track it down. With Spotify, Dizzler, YouTube this has always led me to hours of agonising searching and playlist building. Probably the big selling point for me on Music Unlimited was the fact that I can type in “sad indie songs” or “acoustic love songs” and get a list of suggestions to help me along the way.
  4. Prime Rewards; this only really applies if you’re a Prime member, like me, or you own an echo device, but if you do you can get a discount on eventual subscription fees. These make it cheaper than Spotify premium for a similar service.


The cons are pretty obvious; Spotify does run a free version, so if you’re broke it’s going to win outright, and it’s everywhere. I do miss the sheer amount of options you get with Spotify, but as of yet I don’t miss them enough to go back to paying for premium. I’ve also discovered a few new loves (Mumford & Sons I misjudged thee) since joining.


If you’re audio fixated and need a variety of music to write effectively, you’ll most likely love Music Unlimited as much as me. If not, they’re still offering a free trial, and I can’t be the only one who collects those like spare change, right?



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