Writers Tools; LED pens for the Night owl.

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Keeping a notepad and pen by your side while you sleep is, I reckon, utterly essential for a writer because inspiration often hits when you’re in that space between awake and sleeping. Writing at night can be a challenge if you live in shared space; staying in one room at someone else’s house with your partner or spouse, or even fitting into a shared space with friends, means that you can’t actually get up, turn the lights on, and start scribbling if inspiration hits at 3am.


This is why I’m in love with LED lit pens; I can scribble away without worrying about waking up my Fiance. There are a few on the market, of course, and they range in price. Thanks to my ridiculous love of stationary I’ve tried quite a few; this is a review blog which is aimed at helping all the other night-time note-takers out there who’re looking for a pen to be the light  of their life. I should note all of these are in UK prices and come from UK sites so if you’re worried about shipping costs to your own home country you should perhaps look for an equivalent;

The Pilot’s Pen, LED Powered Ink Penlight  will set you back over £40, but it’s good quality. The light is bright, and it writes smoothly. You can buy replacement batteries and ink for this pen, and as a positive side-note Britta, the company selling this, have a truly excellent customer service department. If it was all about excellence I’d give it 5/5, but considering the fact that £40 is expensive for a pen we’ll go for 4/5 as it’s good, but I’m not convinced its £44’s worth of good for one pen.

The Glovian LED light up pen comes in packs of three for a much more affordable £11.99, and they do the job admirably. They break more easily, which is to be expected, but are nonetheless sturdy and comfortable to use. They are refillable in terms of both ink and batteries, though, so there’s no reason why one can’t last a careful writer for years! One thing I find to be not to my taste, on a wholly personal level, is the fact that the light is less concentrated with these pens. The whole barrel lights up, which I find makes it too much when I roll over to jot notes at 3am. Nonetheless these are good pens. 4/5.

The IREALIST Battery Powered light tip pens come in packs of four with a price tag of £11.99. I love these pens to the moon and back because the lights are concentrated in the tips of the pens. You can see what you write, and they generally write nice and smooth (though they don’t take well to rough handling), but you won’t have to worry about waking anyone else or straining your eyes with the sudden, bright light. A solid 4/5 held back only by the fragility of the pens.

The Pilots Pen Night Writer set is at the top of the list for me, but at £50 before shipping it’s probably one of the pricier offerings from Britta. Nonetheless, when you consider you get two in the set it’s cheaper over all than the first pen discussed. These are comfortable to use, smooth to write with, and the lights are concentrated in the tip of the pens, and you can choose to write with them without the light on. A great multitasking pen for those who like to write by hand, and a definite 5/5.


Something a little different is the Nite Note which is a notepad with a light built into the top; I personally like this, but the need to buy Nite Note refill pads in particular does put me off as it feels restrictive. Nonetheless, if you’re not sold on the idea of an LED pen this could be a reasonable solution for your low-light writing needs; it is the most expensive of all the offerings, however, at around £145.


Obviously, these aren’t the only pens out there so if you guys have any recommendations yourself let me know; as I said before I’m a stationary nut!



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