Creativity On Tap!

I am an experienced, educated, and passionate freelance writer and proofreader who loves to take on new challenges. I have been lucky enough to work as a ghost-writer, copy-writer, or proof-reader with clients from all walks of life and take pride in going above and beyond.

All of my services come with the guarantee that I will not stop working on your content until you are happy with it.

Whether you need a helping hand with plot development, a quick mind and experienced hands to craft your novel, or a tenacious writer to produce new content regularly – I can help.

If you want to find out more about the general services I offer you can click here!


4 thoughts on “MerryWriting

  1. Sheree, is a very competent UK writer. We have used a number of people in the past and she is certainly one of the better ones. highly recommended and delivers exactly what was agreed on time.

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  2. Sheree, provides the highest quality of work and consistently delivers. She is incredibly hard working, diligent and has always impressed me! Thank you.

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